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Say what you want about The Dating Game (though that's by no means a promise that you won't be .killed for it), but there's no denying the fact that we all have an awful lot of fun. From Agazyr's dropped .tells, to JamesRC's board features, we're almost always having a laugh or two. This section of the web site is dedicated to highlighting some of these laughs, as well as showing off some other user-related fun stuff.

The Fenwick .desc Challenge
As regular TDG users may know, our beloved Fenwick is off getting drunk in many a foreign port, and temporarily absent from the talker. So what better way to celebrate her years of patronage than to abuse her horribly while she's not around to defend herself?

Click here to read the .descs so far, and learn how to add your own!


Users Pet Pictures
When not discussing our desires for world peace, the evils of the metric system, or the colour of Xan's underwear the conversation often turns to pets. Click here to get to the pictures.


TDG Court Art by Vixen!
If it was any more amusing, it'd be criminal. Click here (Opens in a new window)

Click here to see various Quotes captured from The Dating Game.