The Dating Game - When You First Log On

When You First Log On

(You may want to print this page for reference)

Hello! Welcome to
The Dating Game HELP page. This will attempt to explain in more detail how to get auto-promoted and use various commands which are available to you as a CONSORT.
When you first log on to
The Dating Game, you will see a map and instructions on how to get auto-promoted from a JUVENILE (your current rank because you are a new user to the talker), to a CONSORT. There are three steps which have to be taken to achieve this. Remember to type this information exactly as shown, and don’t forget the period preceding the command.


.desc (short message) where “short message” can be “is new”, so you would type .desc is new and then hit enter. This can be changed at a later date to anything you wish.


.set age (#) where “#” is your age. For example, if you are 23 you would type .set age 23 and then hit enter.

.gender (male or female) which is self-explanatory. If you are male you type .gender male and if you are female you type .gender female and then hit enter.

VIOLA!!! It is as simple as that :). You have been auto-promoted to the next level CONSORT and are ready to chat and explore the commands and features available to you.

All commands begin with a period
“.” You can see all available commands to you simply by typing .help. Our coder, JamesRC, has worked diligently to have individual help for each command. To see an explanation of a particular command, type .help (command), where “command” could be any of the commands listed there. For example, for help on .shout, you would type .help shout.

The most important commands to get familiar with first are:

.helpShows you all the commands available to you.
.whoLists everyone currently logged into The Dating Game.
.lookShows you information about the room you're in.
.tellSends a private message to another user, for example ".tell Rlic Hi"
.goMove to a different area in the talker, for example ".go bistro"
.quitThis will log you off.

Hopefully you are now a little more comfortable with the use of commands. If you still feel you could use a little guidance, we have a very helpful
.staff who would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

We hope this page helps to greater your understanding so if you're new, perhaps you wont feel so lost.-
Hugs, Penster & Rlic