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   Welcome to The Dating Game! So, you wanna chat? Well, hopefully, this will be an end to your search for talkers on the web! Whether you are an experienced user or a newbie who has never really considered using a telnet based chat, we feel that you may find a home in The Dating Game.

    What do we have over other talkers? Socials, Staff, & Newbie Help. At The Dating Game we try to offer users both new and old to telnet based talkers a comfortable environment with plenty of freedom and pleasant people to talk to. We offer several interesting social commands and are always adding special user controls. The best part about The Dating Game, is that it is run by volunteers and is absolutely FREE to join.
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how to connect and what to do when you first log in.

    The current talker code is Nuts 3.3.3 modified - JamesRC does all of the current modifications on The Dating Game code, and we are very grateful to have a coder of his aptitude at our helm. And, under the kind hands of Penster and Rlic, the staff are well managed and the users are treated well.

   We welcome you to The Dating Game and wish to extend to you any helping hand that is within our power. Log in, have fun, make friends!

Personal words fromPenster & Rlic

    We would like to point out that this talker was created by many peoples' personal input in the years the talker has been running. Some people remain, some have found other things more pressing. But to get to the point, without them, this talker wouldn't be a home for many, as it's turned out to be. And without their friendly and caring souls to haunt the place, the talker would be but another address among many ...

Thanx for your warm caring hearts and efforts - Penster & Rlic.

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